About 'gloyZ'

We are a family of glassblowers from Northern California who have decided to delve into the world of polymer clay. We have found the quest of translating our work with the technique of murrine from glass to clay to be an extremely fascinating challenge.  As clay marble creators we seek to offer unique marbles of the highest quatity. As glass artists we have always had varied interests but we focused largely on murrine/millefiori, a technique dating back to ancient Egypt. We now likewise work primarily with the murrine technique in both our clay marble work and our clay cane work.

Dinah Hulet has been a studio artist for approximately 50 years, focusing on mosaic glass portraiture. She has lectured and demonstrated at Glass Art Society conferences, at international paperweight collectors' associations, at the Renwick Museum, etc. She has taught workshops at the Penland School of Crafts and UrbanGlass and her work has been exhibited internationally. She has also served as a past board member of GAS.

Due to the many years of working at the torch and the subsequent wear and tear on her neck and shoulders, Dinah has made the decision to decrease her work with glass and is now continuing her exploration of the murrine technique in polymer clay.

Patty Hulet (Dinah's sister) had a career in the health care field prior to joining her sister in the world of art glass.  Her experience in managing work flow, budgets and people as well as day-to-day crises has been extremely helpful in making a success of working as a studio artist.  While functioning as an assistant to Dinah, Patty has explored studio photography along with glass fusing and casting. 

As she continues to assist Dinah with her glasswork and growing interest in clay marbles, Patty loves to spend mornings walking their dogs and evenings playing computer games.

Robin Culbertson (Dinah's daughter) is the public relations/internet/marketing guru and is me! My family and l live off the grid in extremely rural Northern California on the edge of a beautiful high mountain valley and we share a property line with 1000's of acres of National Forest Land where we love to ride our horses. With a half hour drive to the nearest semblance of a gas station or store and a 2 hour drive to the nearest 'town', we are truly living the most amazing life I could ever imagine.

It has been my ultimate life achievement to be able to have enough success in art to be able to be self-employed in order to live out here and support my family without having to leave for work everyday. We also home school our young daughter, just to add to the excitement and workload of our life, but consider it well worth the work.