Dinah is back to making murrine marbles again after many, many years. These special marbles are somewhat different from her usual glass creations.

As with her glass marbles, Dinah uses the ancient technique of mosaic glass that allows her amazing control over the detail and coloring of her designs. Translating the ancient technique from glass into clay, Dinah first creates colored clay shapes that are formed into a carefully planned design generally of a cylindrical or square shape.

This is then stretched into a long narrow rod or cane that when cross-sectioned at any point reveals a miniaturized version of the original design. Thin slices are taken from this cane or rod and when meticulously applied to a handmade glass core result in the complex patterning you see in her marbles. She makes these special glass marble cores to have a slight but definite 'texture' to the surface which allows her to manipulate the clay cane slices into the intricate patterns.

The orbs are then baked in the same kilns that she uses for her glass objects though at a much lower yet carefully controlled temperature.

Once hardened, the marbles are painstakingly hand-sanded, polished and buffed to a beautiful shine.

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