About 'gloyZ'

We are a family of glassblowers from Northern California who have found the miniature sculpture of keycaps to be an extremely fascinating challenge.  As artisan keycap creators we seek to create unique caps of the highest quatity. As glass artists we have varied interests but focus largely in the realm of murrine/millefiori, a technique dating back to ancient Egypt. We make our murrine for both collectors and for other glass artists to use in their work.
Our team members include:

Glub, the all-mighty master artist and primary sculptor of our keycaps, has been a master glassblower since the '70's and enjoys spending off-time gaming and reading.

Galinda, our crafty resin slinger and chief moldmaker, has the task of keeping the rest of us focused and productive . . . a never ending battle. Galinda enjoys gaming and walking the troop of canines on the beautiful beaches and trails in our area.

Murrini, the public relations/internet/marketing guru, is me - the one you will mostly be dealing with :). I live about 2 hours away from the rest of the team in the very, very, very, remote mountains with my family. We live off the grid and enjoy riding our horses, glassblowing and growing gourmet mushrooms. Of course I also enjoy gaming when I can spare a few moments!!