The original designs for all of our keycaps are created in CX5 sculpting material using a wide variety of tools. At least three sets of multi-part silicone molds are then made from the original sculpt with the first set going directly to Galinda for traditional resin casting. The second set of molds remains with Glub for application of the gloyZ unique coloring techniques while the remaining mold sets are set aside for later use.

With vacuum and pressure equipment, Galinda uses resin from a variety of different types dependent on the style of keycap being cast. Liquid and powdered pigments are blended into a custom palette to color these keycaps.

By utilizing materials from our glass studio such as very finely ground glass and mica powders, goldstone, aventurine and artist's pigments, Glub is able to create a layer of efflorescent color near the surface of the piece being created that is similar to that seen in ancient glassy faience. These thin efflorescent patinas lie above much thicker layers of meticulously applied base colors giving rich hues to the surfaces of our hand-colored keycaps. The keycap base and stem is then resin cast by Galinda.

After final touches are added and immersion in an ultrasonic cleansing bath, the gloyZ keycaps are handed over to Murrini for marketing and shipping.