About Us!


We are a small family business consisting of a multi-generation team of glassblowers turned clay artists. Two of our members are officially retiring from 'real' work and are here to make some occasional canes to keep up their artistic skills in a more physically forgiving medium. I'm the main team member. My family and l live off the grid in extremely rural Northern California on the edge of a beautiful high mountain valley and we share a property line with 1000's of acres of National Forest Land where we love to ride our horses. With a half hour drive to the nearest semblance of a gas station or store and a 2 hour drive to the nearest 'town', we are truly living the most amazing life I could ever imagine. It has been my ultimate life achievement to be able to have enough success in art to be able to be self-employed in order to live out here and support my family without having to leave for work everyday. We also home school our young daughter, just to add to the excitement and workload of our life, but consider it well worth the work. Thank you so much for your support of artisan businesses!